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Wollaston Development Helps Families Celebrate the Holidays Safely and Comfortably Outdoors

Winterizing Yards Simply and Effectively Just In Time For Thanksgiving

While the recent announcement of game-changing COVID-19 vaccines to the market has improved the long term outlook for dealing with this disease, the spike in cases is still climbing to new highs while the logistics of manufacturing and distributing doses are worked out. In the meantime, we have holidays to celebrate - traditions that have been upended since March and now, facing colder temperatures, are even more difficult to execute safely.

Wollaston Development is helping families celebrate the holidays this year with the addition of a few outdoor temperature controlling modifications and structures that are changing what’s possible for upcoming gatherings.

“We understand the struggles that families are facing as the holidays approach,” said Wollaston Development president Michael Pallone. “It’s dangerous to bring other households together indoors, so we have found ways to keep people comfortable while staying outside, where the risk of transmission is incredibly low. We’re offering simple alterations and additions to allow loved ones to gather comfortably and safely outside even as temps drop.”

With a wide array of options for varying budgets, winterizing yards has never been more doable. Outfitting outdoor spaces to be winter-friendly is more simple than many expect. Wollaston Development is helping set up yards by installing a wide swath of options. A fire pit, which comes in a variety of styles and fuel options and produces enough heat to keep guests happy and chatting long past sunset. Heat lamps are a great option if you want to for-go maintenance and just want to bask under the rays. Pair lamps with radiant heat, a feature that directs warmth from below the patio, meaning no more shoveling or cold feet. Toasty from head to toe!

Structures that block the elements are a painless way to block the breeze and focus on family. Many backyard dwellers choose to erect an awning to reduce exposure while maintaining airflow, allowing for distance and comfort. For those who want to take outdoor living to the next level, there is the swanky option to create a gorgeous outdoor kitchen. No cramming inside - the party and the chef can all be together in the great outdoors. Custom outdoor kitchens can include beautiful stone countertop and cabinet structures built around the grill of your choice. Guests can graze and enjoy appetizers, grab drinks out of the built in beverage fridge, and stay warm in between the fire pit and grill, all while enjoying a conversation with whoever is tending to the stove.

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