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How To Keep Your Yard Happy During A Heatwave

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Here in Boston so far we have seen some of the hottest summer months on record. When it’s scorchingly hot and dry, it’s easy for people to head inside to cool down in the A/C or take a dip - but your yard doesn’t have it so easy when it comes to beating the heat. As landscape professionals, we’ve seen it all, we know what works and what doesn’t. Here are some top tips for helping your lawn and garden get through the relentless stretches of heatwaves:

  1. Irrigation systems.

Watering regularly is key, and the easiest way to do that is with a trusty irrigation system that takes over the chore of giving your lawn and plants a drink of water when they need it. Reduce excess watering this way and water at the best time (early morning) with these smart systems.

2. Don’t mow too short.

It’s best to avoid mowing your lawn during a heatwave, since the grass is under a great amount of stress, which can make it hard to bounce back from a trim. But if you must, be sure to keep your blade height at 3-4 inches so that the grass doesn’t get sunburnt and has enough power to send roots further down.

3. Postpone fertilizing and weed killer.

These chemicals can stress your lawn, at a time when it will already be stressed by the beating sun. Any amount of rainfall occurring just after spraying herbicides will likely reduce absorption and lower the product’s ability to control weed growth.

4. Mulch!

If you’re low on mulch, now is the time to restock. The wood-chip mix is like sunscreen for your garden, keeping the moisture in and absorbing the rays. When applied properly, mulch will insulate soil and regulate the ground temperature while also helping to retain soil moisture by reducing evaporation and assisting the soil to absorb any rainfall.

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