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Five Ways To Beautify Your Yard While Being Environmentally Friendly

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Our planet is currently facing two separate, overwhelming and widespread problems: the novel coronavirus and global warming. Both devastating to communities around the world, and both with no real end in sight. These competing challenges have altered and continue to change life as we once knew it, and in some ways, each are exacerbating the other. The pandemic has forced many eco-friendly approaches to be reversed and some environmentally harmful practices have skyrocketed. Delivery services now permeate every aspect of life creating significantly more packaging waste, plastic bag bans are reversed, reusable cups are not allowed in coffee shops, disposable plates and silverware grace the tables of every restaurant - the list goes on.

Over the past six months, the pandemic has also caused the average individual to spend much more time at home, and as a result, many have spent the money they saved from not going out to beautify their property, creating a sanctuary from the chaos. However, it is important to remember that we can still do our part to protect the environment while making our outdoor space the best it can be.

“Even though winter is coming, there are still so many ways to turn a simple yard into an inviting, beautiful space that can be enjoyed in any season,” said Wollaston Development president Michael Pallone. “We care about the planet, and that’s reflected in the way we work. We want to give people upgraded outdoor spaces while respecting our natural environment.”

Wollaston Development’s top five ways to beautify your yard while also being environmentally friendly goes as follows:

1.Drought resistant plants, shrubs and trees.

These hardy plants are able to thrive without much water. Cut your water usage and reduce costs while refining your yard’s aesthetic.

2. Rainwater Irrigation Systems.

The average American household uses about 320 gallons of water per day! Reduce water usage and lower costs by setting up a functional rainwater irrigation system, which redirects rainwater from gutters and downspouts and holds the collected water in a storage tank for later use, utilizing this precious natural resource.

3. Solar Powered Lighting.

Forget wires and extension cords, the sun sends us free power all day! Solar lights have low maintenance costs and extend the enjoyment of your yard into the night. Tip your hat to mother nature and bask in the sun’s warmth long after it sets.

4. Permeable Patio Pavers.

Say that 5 times fast. A patio designed with permeable pavers allows water to pass though and drain into the ground naturally. Moreso, these pavers prevent flooding, which often occurs when other materials are utilized.

5. Build Terraces into Yard Slopes.

Steep slopes in your yard can be difficult to maintain, and can cause erosion and stormwater runoff, both of which are harmful to the environment. Building an attractive terrace into your sloped area of land prevents runoff and erosion, giving your yard a beautiful new spot for a flower or herb garden!

Wollaston Development is in the process of beautifying yards with the environment in mind all over Eastern Massachusetts before the real cold sets in. Contact us to learn more.

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