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Best Ways to Beat COVID Claustrophobia This Winter Without Leaving Home

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

You Don’t Need the Summer Heat to Enjoy Your Property and Social Distance with Friends In your Backyard

As cooler temperatures begin to descend upon the Northeast, communities are growing fearful of the imminent coming change to safe, socially-distanced gatherings. While the warmer seasons allowed people to find a respite from isolation, the looming cold will force many back indoors, unless we think outside the box.

Just as umbrellas and fans keep us comfortable outdoors in the boiling heat in the height of summer, there are equally useful temperature controlling remedies for the icy season.

“We know many people are worried about the coming winter and what that means for seeing friends and family during this ongoing pandemic,” said Wollaston Development president Michael Pallone. “We want people to be aware that there are simple alterations and additions that can be done to their yards to allow them to entertain guests comfortably and safely outside even as temps drop.”

Winterizing yards has never been more doable. With a wide array of options for varying budgets, outfitting outdoor spaces to be winter-friendly is a no-brainer.

Build a Firepit.

The amount of heat produced by a relatively small fire is more than enough to fend off Jack Frost in January. Grab your hot cocoa and a throw blanket and settle in for an evening under the stars.

Install Radiant Heating.

Forgot heat lamps! Be the first in your neighborhood to install radiant heating in the outdoor flooring and rock structures and never have to shovel your patio before enjoying it. The rising warmth will keep you and your guests comfortable during even the coldest days!

Put Up an Awning.

Reduce exposure to the elements while staying safe. By maintaining airflow but halting precipitation, small groups can maintain distance as well as comfort. Retractable options available.

Create the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Instead of cramming guests indoors while one solitary grillmaster spends the evening alone outside grilling, safely social distance outside at any time of the year. Custom outdoor kitchens can include beautiful stone countertop and cabinet structures built around the grill of your choice. Guests can graze and enjoy appetizers, grab drinks out of the built in beverage fridge, and stay warm in between the fire pit and grill, all while enjoying a conversation with whoever is tending to the barbecue.

Get a Jacuzzi!

Pods only for this last tip. If you’ve never been in a jacuzzi outside in the winter, you’re missing out, and let’s face it - there probably won’t be much else to do besides worry and wait for spring. So grab your swimsuit, hop in and pretend it’s summer!

Wollaston Development is in the process of winterizing yards all over Eastern Massachusetts before the real cold sets in. Get in touch to explore your options.

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